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Every baseball bat made of wood is meticulously crafted and created. Whether you are a professional or amateur player it is important to choose the proper wooden bat for your particular pursuit. Let us start with the basics and discuss, compare and contrast the different wooden baseball bats classified according to their composition and materials.

Wooden Baseball Bats

Best Wooden Baseball Bats On The Market

Baseball Bats Made of Maple Wood

Bats made of maple are considered top of the line and come highly recommended for sluggers, particularly professionals or serious amateur baseball players. Maple wood bats are the hardest known bats with the tightest grain. In this light, they are so powerful that there is less flexibility, which allows for not just a sturdier design, but batters prefer this design to bats made with different wood.

In terms of design, maple bats are a standout in that they carry appealing and attractive engravings and they come in great wood colors that give off some of the sharpest appearances.

Why You Should Choose Maple Wood Baseball Bats

You should choose maple wood bats because they are very hard and dense, a well-struck ball propels and jump off the lumber in much quicker, efficient manner. This is one of the reasons for maple’s rise in popularity through the years. Maple enjoys a reputation of being a wood which is hard to splinter. Overall, this type of bat is generally of professional-grade.

Bats Made of Birch Wood

Choosing Wood Baseball BatsThe ones made of birch wood are best recommended for players new to the game. Birch wood provides good protection against inside pitches and against the cue-ball-off-the-end-of-the-bat mishit. They are great for the rookie batters and the yet undisciplined players in that these bats tend to be more forgiving.

Why You Should Choose Wooden Baseball Bats Composed of Birch

You should choose the wooden type composed of birch if you are comfortable with bats that are of much lighter weight yet have larger barrels.

Although maple bats may be the more common and more popular choice amongst professionals, birch bats are more flexible than maple and despite its being less tough can still outperform maple particularly if the birch bat is manufactured with excellent quality.

The Baseball Bats Made of Ash Wood

The lightest of the three legally and officially approved wood materials, the ash wood types are best recommended for batters who are used to hitting fastballs with big-barreled bats. This kind of wooden baseball bat is made up of grains that give off a very natural look and appeal to it.

Why You Should Choose Wooden Baseball Bats Composed of Ash Wood

Ash wood bats flex so they create a tumbling effect on the ball when they hit it. This means that the baseball does not instantly jump off the barrel, giving the struck ball a springboard effect, contact hitters who swing to the pitch prefer ash, while power hitters prefer maple or birch.

Where do you stand as a baseball player? Which one do think will work best for you? Check out BBCOR Bats for the best types of baseball bats, and find out more about shipping.

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